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10 Signs it’s Time to Invest in LASIK

LASIK is the safe and effective permanent vision correction procedure for common eye problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. It is becoming more and more popular with cutting edge technology and this has many people wondering if LASIK eye surgery is right for them.

searching for eyeglasses

Here are 10 signs it may be time to invest in LASIK and 10 times you may have wished you had LASIK:

  1. You’ve misplaced your glasses more times than you can count.
  2. You wear contact lenses and experience irritation, dry eyes and discomfort but you’re too embarrassed to wear your glasses out in public.
  3. You break the number one contact lens wearing rule – sleeping with them in!
  4. You wear glasses but when the sun is out you want to wear sunglasses – you can’t!
  5. You’re active and constantly adjusting your glasses so they don’t fall off. If you want to swim, you can’t wear glasses or contact lenses so you will have to wear goggles. Contact lenses should never come in contact with water!
  6. You wake up in the middle of the night searching for your glasses to go to the bathroom.
  7. When you wake up in the morning everything is a blur. You’re unable to see your alarm clock so you have to search for your glasses again.
  8. You’re at a restaurant but can’t see anything on the menu because you forgot your glasses.
  9. You’ve made the spontaneous decision to stay the night at a friend’s house but then you realize your didn’t bring your contact lens solution or case. Your friend doesn’t wear contacts so you’re forced to sleep with them in only to wake with painful dry eyes.
  10. You put on a great outfit but it doesn’t match your glasses. Coordinating your wardrobe to match your glasses is too much work.

The LASIK Investment

Did you know that depending on factors such as your age and the type of lenses you require, LASIK is actually cheaper than the lifelong commitment of glasses and/or contact lenses? With LASIK, you never have to purchase costly prescription glasses, contacts or solution again!

Bense Vision

At Bense Vision we offer the most advanced LASIK procedure available today. If you’ve experienced any of the above scenarios and you think it may be time to consider LASIK, start by booking your free LASIK consultation today.





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