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Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA: PRK)

What does it treat?

Myopia (nearsightedness) Myopia (nearsightedness)
Generally, the eye is longer than usual and therefore, prevents light rays from focusing correctly on the retina. The light rays converge at a point before reaching the retina instead of focusing on the retina.
Presbyopia (Farsightedness) Presbyopia (Farsightedness)
The eye is shorter than normal; the light rays diverge before reaching the retina, and are therefore out of focus on the retina. Nearby objects can appear blurry, while distant objects are clearer.
Astigmatism Astigmatism
Astigmatism is a blurriness of vision caused by the cornea being an irregular shape rather than perfectly round – a shape kind of like a football instead of a baseball. As a result, light rays entering the eye do not focus at a single point, causing distorted vision.

AM I a Candidate?
ASA is a laser vision correction procedure used to treat abnormal corneas. Bense Vision first introduced PRK to Eastern Canada in 1994. Unlike the LASIK procedure, it does not require us to create a flap and is a lot safer than Traditional (Standard Blade) LASIK. Because much less tissue is permanently removed from the eye and because no flap is created, this procedure is more suitable for those with thinner corneas as well as athletes and anyone who may encounter intense physical contact on a regular basis like fighters and so forth.

The ASA – PRK Procedure

Numbing Numbing
Anaesthetic drops are applied to the eye.
Outer layer of the cornea removed Outer layer of the cornea removed
The surface of the outer layer of the cornea is gently removed by the surgeon using a laser beam, a brush, a spatula or chemicals like 20% Ethanol
Laser Reshapes The Cornea Laser Reshapes The Cornea
Computer-controlled pulses of cool laser light are applied to the surface layers of the cornea. The outer cornea layer is re-shaped with the laser. This reshaping of the cornea is designed to work by simply attempting to duplicate one’s spectacle prescription on the cornea.
Customized Wavefront Treatment Customized Wavefront Treatment
Although a wonderful procedure, a certain number of clients may experience some nighttime driving issues like glare, halos and more difficulty seeing in poorly lit situations after PRK which is usually not a customized treatment. In the customized Wavefront-GUIDED ASA approach, higher order aberrations are plotted and treated at this time.