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Bense Vision takes a lot of pride in being a local LASIK clinic, and in being the primary choice of the people of Newfoundland when it comes to laser vision correction. The fact that we operate in Newfoundland and live in the community provides some unique benefits to our patients, including:

  1. Dr. Bense’s supervision from start to finish – Many clinics across North America actually fly surgeons in just to perform the surgery! At Bense Vision, the same doctor is with you from the initial consultation all the way through to your complete recovery.
  2. Experience – Dr. Bense has more than 20 years of experience with laser vision correction and has performed over 20,000 procedures. His outstanding familiarity with the area and the people only increases the quality of his work.
  3. Specialization – Bense Vision specializes in laser vision correction, more specifically LASIK procedures. This focus has created a level of expertise that is unmatched.
  4. Personal Touch – We take the time to get to know our patients as people, and always consider you our main priority. The entire staff is personable and always accessible.
  5. Open Communication – As a local clinic, there is a level of accountability that other facilities may not have. Our success is built on open communication with our patients. We always help you find the most effective solution and treatment and will let you know about our recommendations right away.
  6. Financing Options – Since we want everyone to experience our procedures, we’ve created flexible financing options designed to fit different budgets. We have payment plans that run from one to five years, and can be as low as $89 per month. We also offer Price Matching feature where we will beat any price offered to you by another clinic for the same treatment by $100.
  7. The Bense Lifetime Satisfaction Plan – If at any time during the duration of the Lifetime Satisfaction Plan, your vision drops below 20/40, or a comparable deterioration if you were not correctable to 20/20 at the time of treatment, you will be re-treated at no additional cost assuming you initially met the requirements of the Lifetime Satisfaction Plan. Nearly everyone is eligible, and only individuals with high or extreme degrees of pathological myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism fail to qualify. Eligibility for the Lifetime Satisfaction Plan can be established at your initial consultation.

Be sure to give us a call and set up your free consultation, and don’t forget to mention if you’ve seen any procedures advertised for less!

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