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Seeing the smiles on our patients’ faces after another successful LASIK procedure, means the world to us at Bense Vision. We truly appreciate the amount of trust that is given as you put your vision in our hands, and we love being able to provide the gift of clear vision.

Here are some comments from our patients, after they received treatment at Bense Vision. Feel free to send yours in so everyone can read about your experience.


I got iLasik surgery February of 2014 and it was the best decision I have ever made. As a performer I can finally see the audience from the stage, it is an amazing feeling! It was worth every penny and in the long run you save money and a lot of hassle. Dr. Bense and his team are extremely professional, informative and caring. They go out of their way to make you feel safe and comfortable. I highly recommend Bense Lasik!

E. Winson.


Easy – Cost Efficient – Perfect Results. The gift of perfect eyesight is a wonderful experience offered by the Bense Team…. Imagine just opening your eyes and being able to SEE. What a wonderful gift the team provided. Thank you Bense Team.

Michelle R.


After wearing glasses for 34 years, I finally got to kiss them goodbye and don’t miss them at all. Thank you to Dr. Bense, Bev, and all of their wonderful staff that made me feel so important that day.

Teena B.

My experience with having laser vision correction at Bense Vision Centre was terrific. The experience from start to finish was first class, with very professional and efficient service throughout.

Greg M.

From the first moment I entered the office of Dr. Bense, the staff put me completely at ease and the surgery was a great success. Looking ahead; my vision is perfect both day and night: Looking back; visiting Dr. Bense and his staff was one of my greatest investments.

Scott S.

After having my own experience at Bense Vision, I have absolute confidence in sending my patients there – I know they will be so well taken care of by Dr. Bense, as well as his wonderful staff. Thank you for my new eyes!

Dr. Brittany G.

Thanks to Dr. Bense and the laser surgery I am able to see, read and swim. Being free from glasses after 40 years gives me the freedom I missed. Anyone who wears glasses please visit Dr Bense and his awesome staff at BenseVision.

Darlene R.

Dr. Michael Bense, who performed the surgery, was gentle, caring and extremely professional… My distance is 20/20. Now can’t wait to dispose of my reading glasses once they start the KAMRA procedure. Naturally, it will be done at Bense Vision!

Elaine D.

I only wish I had done this sooner! It was the best decision I have ever made and I would recommend it to anyone. Now I can actually read in bed without glasses!

Carol A.

My experience dealing with the Bense team was absolutely fantastic… The service was phenomenal, and I was made to feel very comfortable with all my questions answered and great care offered. I highly recommend the Bense team for eye care!

Sheilagh L.

My consultation with the surgeon and staff was very thorough and they ensured that I was clear with the procedure and the expected outcome… The final results far exceeded my expectations, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Colin C.