This method combines Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) plus iLASIK or PRK a month or so later to reduce or help eliminate dependence on visual aids. The flaps are always prepared before the RLE procedure instead of afterwards. This allows for a much quicker procedure and quicker visual rehabilitation.

The implants used can be single focus implants or multifocal. Monovision Bioptics is possible with this technique. Using multifocal implants may eliminate the need for any type of spectacle device for near and distance viewing. The KAMRA™ Corneal Implant in one eye, is likewise an excellent option to help restore both far and near vision combined with the Bioptics procedure. For astigmatism, other procedures are combined to restore good vision.

This treatment is typically for patients over 40 years of age who have lost, or are losing the ability to focus at a near distance.

Bioptics is also an option in those clients who are starting to show signs of a cataract developing in their natural lens, where a lens exchange in the short to medium term would be expected.

Indications for Bioptics:

  • Clients with very high levels of Nearsightedness
  • Clients with very high levels of Farsightedness