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KAMRA Corneal Insert surgery in Amsterdam

Dr. Mike Bense is invited to speak at the ESCRS KAMRA Users meeting in Amsterdam in October 2013. The following day, he will be doing a live KAMRA surgery demonstration on his dual-interface iLASIK/KAMRA Inlay technique for Presbyopia.

Dr. Bense will present a talk on centration techniques of the KAMRA Insert for presbyopia to a host of international KAMRA surgeons from around the world in Amsterdam in early October 2013. He will present a strategy for centering the corneal implant in a dual-interface technique, a technique that he adopted in his evolving surgical KAMRA approach.
Throughout the world, each KAMRA surgeon has been taught and certified by doing the basic CLK (Combined LASIK KAMRA) procedure, but evolving techniques are now being adopted throughout the world by leading KAMRA surgeons.
At Bense Vision Centre, Dr. Bense has now totally switched to the PLK2 procedure, employing a technique that involves creating 2 corneal interfaces, a 100 microns apart and implanting a KAMRA Insert on the same day. LASIK ablation is then done, leaving behind a very small residual amount of myopia (-0.25 to -0.75D) followed by insertion of the KAMRA implant.
The technique is very simple yet elegant and is very popular among our refractive surgery clients. The PLK procedure can be performed in a 2-stage event, either a few days apart or up to a month later.

Posted on by Wanda in Bense