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What is laser vision correction?

What is Laser Vision Correction?

Laser vision correction treatments are generally known as either LASIK (when the procedure requires creating a thin flap on the cornea) or PRK (a surface readjustment treatment not requiring a flap). Both procedures are performed with anaesthetic eye drops to prevent pain. The treatments are usually carried out on both eyes at the same visit, and you will only be in the treatment room for around 20 minutes. The laser itself is applied for just a few minutes.


LASIK was invented 25 years ago, and today there are dozens of ways it can be carried out. Modern techniques have improved a lot and barely resemble the old mechanical, steel blade procedures. The two main forms of laser vision correction are LASIK and PRK.

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PRK – ASA (Advanced Surface Ablation)

PRK has gone through a similar evolution and has been replaced by ASA (Advanced Surface Ablation), which again, bears little resemblance to PRK procedures of previous years.

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Why choose Bense Vision for laser vision correction?

Bense Vision™ is the premier laser vision correction facility in Atlantic Canada. Bense Vision is the only laser clinic in Newfoundland to offer iLASIK™, the most advanced form of LASIK. Our prices are very attractive and we offer many financing options as well.

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