LASIK Pricing (old)

Bense Vision LASIK prices 2015

At Bense Vision, assuming that you are a good candidate for Laser Vision Correction, and do not require additional procedures to strengthen your cornea (additional fee applies for cross-linking your cornea(s)), we always provide you a clear and precise ‘price quote’ without requiring you to attend a consultation first (assuming you are an excellent LASIK candidate). Our fees are simple to understand with no surprises, add-ons or hidden charges. A very transparent transaction.

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Custom LASIK (iLASIK): $1998 / eye

  • Lifetime warranty
  • $0 down
  • 0% Interest
  • No Payment till 2016

Custom PRK: $1998 / eye

  • Lifetime warranty
  • $0 down
  • 0% Interest
  • No Payment till 2016

Our Full-Service Fees include:

  1. Learn more about our financing for all treatments: 0% interest, $0 down, No payment till 2016.
  2. Life-Time Warranty: No extra or hidden charges for Lifetime Warranty. Some restrictions may apply: please ask for details.
  3. Same Fee for all Prescription Ranges (No hidden fees for astigmatism)
  4. All Treatments are Customized (No hidden fees for Wavefront Technology)
  5. All Treatments are BLADE-FREE (No hidden fees for All-Laser LASIK)
  6. Includes a post-op kit
  7. Gift Certificate for Bense SurgiSpa services
  8. Complimentary Voucher of $50 for new sunglasses

What do other customers pay for LASIK in North America

The cost of laser vision correction has steadily risen in recent years due to increased use of more safer and advanced LASIK lasers like Wavefront-Guided technology (True Custom LASIK, and the BladeFree Intralase laser to create the corneal flap (IntraLASIK) instead of steel blades. In 2002, a leading industry survey (Marketscope) revealed an average price of around $1550 per eye, and by late 2005, the average price had risen to just over $1950 (all types of LASIK: bladed and blade-free). Please note that these are not Bense Vision’s prices.

Procedure PRK Custom PRK Steel Blade LASIK (keratome) Custom Steel Blade LASIK (keratome) Blade-Free LASIK (IntraLASIK) Blade-Free Custom LASIK (like iLASIK)
Avg. price / eye $1750 $2000 $1700 $2050 $2300 $2400
Typical Range $1300-$2200 $1650-$2350 $1250-$2150 $1600-$2500 $1700-$2900 $1850-$2950


(Source: Marketscope)

About misleading LASIK prices

Laser Vision Correction (like LASIK and PRK) pricing can be confusing. Many facilities create this confusion with misleading or non-transparent advertisements, tiered fees based on prescription strength, add-ons for Lifetime Warranty, and extras for Custom LASIK, follow-up care and retreatments (if needed). If a facility requires you to attend a consultation before they will tell you the real fee, you should consider it a red flag.

A recent story on CBC Marketplace investigates a large Canadian franchised LASIK operation, with offices in St. John’s as well. Erica Johnson reports that only ~1% may get the low advertised fees.

(click here for the full story).