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NEWS: Bense Vision obtains an iDesign® Advanced WaveScan Studio Aberrometer, the world’s most advanced diagnostic LASIK tool.


St. John’s, NL, Canada

Bense Vision announced today it has obtained one of only a handful of iDesign® Advanced WaveScan Studio aberrometers available in North America. iDesign is the industry’s most advanced, high-definition measurement device for Custom LASIK (Wavefront-guided LASIK) procedures and is a next-generation diagnostic tool for mapping and analyzing corneal aberrations in the eye for wavefront-guided LASIK procedures.

The iDesign system measurement makes an individual “blueprint” of the eyes, mapping the imperfections and creating a treatment plan. Once a corneal flap is created using the iFS Femtosecond laser (the only such laser in Atlantic Canada is at Bense Vision), this iDesign treatment plan is then executed using the STAR S4 IR Excimer Laser system for a computer-driven custom laser correction, unique to each patient.

“The use of the iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio, further enhances the three-step iLASIK process to set a new standard for laser vision correction in Canada,” said Mike Bense MD, president Bense Vision.

Dr. Mike Bense: “Since the introduction of our iLASIK technologies to St. John’s several years ago, we have remained the only LASIK provider in this region to offer iLASIK in Eastern Canada and organizations with the highest standards for safety and visual acuity, including the U.S. Military and NASA, have embraced iLASIK for their most elite personnel, including sharpshooters, fighter pilots and astronauts because of our exclusive, validated safety and precision performance. No other LASIK provider in Atlantic Canada including St. John’s, provides this advanced state-of-the-art LASIK technology”

The iDesign benefits include:

• More accurate, customized corneal and wavefront measurements

• Five diagnostic ocular measurements within a single capture sequence that

determine the eye’s refractive error, wavefront error, corneal topography and

corneal curvature, as well as pupil size

• The iDesign aberrometer represents a new and exciting technology that allows patients with highly blurred or distorted vision, the benefits of a truly customized, wavefront guided LASIK procedure

Dr. Mike Bense: “We are extremely pleased with the acquisition of the iDesign aberrometer, because we know that patients, treated in clinical studies where it was used to map their eyes, were some of the most satisfied patients they had seen to date, according to Prof. Bruce Jackson, M.D. clinical investigator, University of Ottawa Eye Institute”.

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