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Outdoor Eye Protection

When it comes to outdoor eye protection, most people think sunglasses are only for the summer. They’re wrong! Don’t overlook the need to wear sunglasses in the winter, doing so is very important!

snowboarders and skiers wearing eyewear

Sunglasses are not only for direct sunlight. When the sun reflects off the snow indirectly, wearing them is important too. The reflection off the snow can be just as bright and damaging to the eye’s surface. It can cause the cornea of the eye to become inflamed (keratitis), which can make the eyes red and sensitive to light. In addition, excessive exposure to sunlight can lead to cataracts when you’re older which can eventually lead to blindness. Sunglasses that have a minimum UV 400 protection that block both harmful UVA and UVB rays are essential. Wearing sunglasses will also provide a shield of protection against gusty winds and flying debris. Wearing protective eyewear goggles is also important when spending long periods of time outdoors such as when you’re skiing or skating.

With these tips you can help to keep your eyes and vision protected during the cold winter months ahead!



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