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What is Hyperopia?

Hyperopia is a condition commonly called farsightedness, where people have trouble focusing on objects that are up close. With hyperopia, your eye is shorter than a normal eye, and light rays branch off before they reach the retina. This causes nearby objects to look blurry, while objects at a distance are clear. Sometimes, with more extreme hyperopia, objects will be out of focus at any distance.

The goal when correcting hyperopia is to make the central cornea more curved, allowing the rays of light to focus directly on the retina. This is accomplished by using a specialized laser to flatten the peripheral cornea.

Some of the symptoms of hyperopia include eye strain and headaches, and sufferers may squint or fatigue easily when working on something at close range. If these symptoms occur when you are wearing glasses or contact lenses, it’s probably time for a new prescription or to consider LASIK treatment.

If you have more questions about hyperopia / farsightedness please book a consultation with Bense Vision for a thorough eye examination.