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Q & A on iLASIK & Curling With Brad Gushue

Q and A with Brad Gushue

Q & A on iLASIK & Curling

With Brad Gushue, Olympic Gold Medalist


Q:  What was the defining moment for you, in deciding you wanted your eyes corrected?
A:  It was looking down at the other end and not being able to see it quite clearly. I knew it was time to do something about my vision…when things weren’t as clear as they should be.

Q:  Why did you choose Dr. Bense?
A:  I chose Dr. Bense because of his reputation and his experience and I knew he’d do a great job. I didn’t think about going anywhere else to get my eyes corrected. I knew I’d get the best care.

Q:  Why did you trust him?
A: I knew Dr. Bense had a great reputation.  He’s been doing this procedure a long time and I felt very confident that he’d make my procedure a success, and he was able to customize a plan just for me. I never thought about going anywhere else but Dr. Bense.

Q:  How was service from the Bense team?
A:  The staff was wonderful to deal with…made me feel comfortable, at ease…I was a little bit nervous going into the procedure but they helped me get over that.

Q:  So you were nervous then?
A:  Yeah I was a little nervous but knowing Dr. Bense had done this so many times and the staff helped me feel very comfortable before the procedure.

Q:  How has iLASIK changed your game?
A:  It has given me alot more confidence. Now when I see a rock come down I can be really precise. iLASIK changed my game because I’m much more confident knowing that I can call a shot and see it all the way down the ice as clear as I can. It’s going to make me much more sharp calling the line and a lot more fun curling.

Q:  What about off the ice?
A:  I love being able to drive down the street and see all the signs. Also dealing with contact lens was not alot of fun for me.

Q:  What about the cost of the procedure? Is it worth it?
A: For me I would have paid 3 times what it cost for the procedure…to see as clearly as I do now. It was worth every penny.

Q:  Was there any pain?
A:   The day of the procedure I didn’t experience any pain. It was effortless and easy! It was really remarkable how good my vision became after the procedure.

Q:  What were your iLASIK results?
A:  I was very happy with my results from the procedure. I have better than 20/20 vision.

Q;  Would you recommend iLASIK by Dr. Bense?
A:  I have already recommended this to all my friends and family.  I think it’s definitely worth doing. I really regret not having done this earlier.

Q:  What kind of game is curling?
A:  Curling is a precise game. It is definitely a game of vision, you have to be able to see the shot. Precision vision is vital for that.

Q:  Why is perfect vision so important?
A:  Perfect vision is important because it’s a game of inches…a game of millimeters. You have to be able to see very crisp and clear.

Q: What would you tell someone wondering about iLASIK?
A: My only regret is that I waited so long to have the procedure done. There was no question where I was going…I trusted Dr. Bense with my vision and you can too.

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