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Protective Eyewear for Sports

Posted on by Maria Afonso in Eyes

If you’re an athlete at heart, eye protection is an extremely important consideration. You need to protect your eyes from potential injury.

Did you know? 90% of all eye injuries are preventable, according to the CNIB. The CNIB also warns that children under 12 are more susceptible to injury, as they are still developing their depth perception.

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So what sports put you at the highest risk for eye injury? According to the Canadian Ophthalmological Society, the top 3 offenders for eye injury are hockey, racquet sports, and baseball. That’s why face protection for these sports is highly recommended or even required. Face masks and goggles are recommended to keep your eyes safe while playing these sports.

Other sports that put your eyes at risk include shooting sports, fencing, cricket, basketball, and lacrosse. Fishing, football, volleyball, golf, and soccer also include a moderate risk for eye injury.

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Even sports that pose a low risk for eye injury, like bicycling, swimming, or skiing do not leave your eyes completely free from damage. Activities like bicycling and skiing should involve sunglasses to protect from UV rays or even strong glare that could impair your ability to see where you’re going. Swimming with goggles can also prevent irritation in the eyes from chlorinated water.

Make sure you are wearing the proper protection for the sport you are playing so you can keep having fun without putting your eyes at risk!