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comprehensive eye exam

Testing Kid’s Eyesight Before School Starts

Posted on by Maria Afonso in Eyes

comprehensive eye exams

It’s time to start thinking about going back to school! Does your child have all their supplies? Pens, paper, binders, new backpacks, and crayons should not be the only items on your list! An eye exam for your child should also be included as a to do.

Learning and eyesight are linked for children. Most of the learning done in school is dependent on vision, in fact, 80% of it is dependent on vision. Seeing the chalkboard or the paper the children are writing on properly is imperative for learning.

Vision problems don’t always mean not being able to see far for children. There are more complicated vision problems that can impact the way children learn such as astigmatism or lazy eye. These vision problems often do not prevent a child from seeing the blackboard, but will impact the way they read, write, or even concentrate.

This video demonstrates how different vision problems can impact the way children learn along with the importance of getting your child’s eyes tested before school starts.