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The Top 3 Newfoundland Views

Newfoundland has more than 29,000 kilometres of stunning coast, a number of national parks, ecological reserves, forests and untouched land. Not only is Newfoundland known for its friendly people and colourful Jellybean Row houses, but it’s also home to a number of historic landmarks that provide breathtaking views that you have to experience for yourself.

Here are our picks for the top 3 views in Newfoundland that you have to see to believe:

1.   Cape Spear

Located on the Avalon Peninsula near St. John’s, Cape Spear is the furthest east you can go in all of North America! Isn’t that amazing? Here you can take in the beauty of the blue Atlantic Ocean or face the other way and see all of Newfoundland to the west of you. This is a great place to spot whales and icebergs. Cape Spear is marked with Cape Spear Lighthouse, an iconic symbol of Newfoundland that also happens to be the oldest surviving lighthouse in the province.

Cape Sear, Newfoundland

2.   Signal Hill

Overlooking the city of St. John’s and the harbour, this historic landmark is surrounded by fortifications that were built in the mid-17th century because of its prime location. As the name suggests, Signalman used to watch atop the hill for ships that were headed toward the St. John’s port. At the highest point on Signal Hill is Cabot Tower.

Signal Hill, Newfoundland

3.   Cape Bonavista Lighthouse

Located on the northeastern tip of the Bonavista Peninsula, Cape Bonavista is marked by a red and white striped lighthouse. It is well worth the 3 ½ drive from St. John’s and is a great destination for whale watching, icebergs and puffins in the summer.

Cape Bonavista, Newfoundland


These are our favourite places in Newfoundland to take in a view, where are yours? Please share!

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