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Winter Eye Care

Do you suffer from dry eyes in the winter?

Dry eyes in the winterWe all know that as winter in Newfoundland settles in, temperatures begin to drop and winds gust. Winter not only takes a toll on our skin but extreme temperatures and brisk winds can be harsh on your eyes too. Two eye problems commonly associated with winter include dry and inflamed eyes that can lead to itchiness and discomfort.

Much of what you would do to keep your skin moist and protected during the winter months can carry over to your eyes. Taking care of your eye health and vision should be all year round but here are some tips that will keep your eyes extra protected this winter as ignoring dryness can cause damage to the cornea and can even lead to blurred vision.

Winter Eye Care – Fighting Dry Eyes


  1. While Newfoundland is known to have relatively humid winters, dryness is actually a result of warming up indoors. Indoor dryness is often the result of cranking the heat to deal with the cold temperatures. Adding a humidifier to the room you spend the most of your time in will take the dryness out of the air and replace it with moist air. If you’re a contact lens wearer, you’ve probably experienced dry eye as a result of wearing contacts, but the discomfort is often worse during the winter. A humidifier will make a significant difference and will help to keep your eyes lubricated and moist.
  2. Lubricating eye drops can provide temporary relief and can be purchased over the counter.
  3. Drinking lots of fluids especially water can also help to fight dry eye as mild dehydration can worsen dry eye problems. Eating for eye health by introducing omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon and other cold-water fish   into your diet can also help.
  4. Try to blink more (especially at work) where dry eye can be triggered by long hours spent in front of a glaring computer screen. Focusing on a task leads to a tendency to blink less but blinking is essential for natural eye lubrication and for washing out environmental debris.

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